Two Brothers Riding Their Bicycles for ICC

On the first of June, Tjitse and Menno Sijtsma rode their bicycles for most of the “Elfstedentocht,” to support ICC’s work for orphaned and abandoned children.  The “Elfstedentocht” is a bicycle race of 240 km (about 150 miles).  It is held in Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands.  During very cold winters, the “Elfstedentocht” was run with participants using ice skates.  But since there have not been so many cold winters recently, it’s been awhile since they have done this race on ice.

Together with 14,998 cyclists, the two brothers rode on encouraged and supplied with food and care by family members.  Besides Dutch cyclists their were also foreigners from Spain, France, England, Germany and Switzerland.  The weather was sunny and windy for the large group of participants who had to cycle against the wind for a great part of the tour.

Unfortunately, Tjitse’s bicycle ran into mechanical problems and the brothers had to stop the tour at the village of Sloten, with still 60 km (37 miles) to go.  The frustration was enormous, but they did accomplish something.  This tour raised 170 Euros.  Both brothers refuse to give up.  Next year they hope to be at the start again, to bicycle for ICC. 

Have you ever seen such a diverse group of people on bicycles dressed in many different ways?  Can you imagine cyclists doing this tour in wooden shoes?  It’s all possible.   You are welcomed next year to encourage the cyclists or consider joining them as they cycle for ICC.  For more information click

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