Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed in Accident

Here is an urgent message and appeal from the ICC director in Nicaragua…

“With sadness, embarrassment, but also thanking God, I have to tell you that last Friday we had an accident with the tractor. They were hauling some post in the highest part of the property, and when they were getting the last ones the driver got down from the tractor to help to get them, and the emergency brake apparently came loose and the tractor started moving. When they saw it they ran to try to stop it, but they couldn’t catch up to it. It took a strange turn and went down a steep hill and crashed and was pretty much destroyed. Thank God nothing happened to any of the workers – that would have been a big problem right now. When they called to tell me, the first thing I asked was how was the driver, and it was a big relief to hear that he was fine. Today I had to borrow the neighbor’s tractor to haul the water, so as not to delay the construction…

I’m sorry to have to send you this email, but although I have looked at this from every angle, the urgency of the situation is that we need the tractor to haul materials, water, fence posts, and now the winter is starting when we need to prepare the fields for planting.”

Because the tractor is vital to the work at the children’s village, ICC is in need of finding funds to replace the destroyed tractor as quickly as possible.  Would you like to help in this urgent situation?  If so, please make a donation at the ICC website.  Thank-you very much.

Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed

Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed

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