“Miles for Congo”

“Miles for Congo” was the biggest action that IKN organized in 2008. This action was designed to support the children of the ICC Patmos children’s village, so that they could be provided with all the necessary basics like food, medication, clothing, care and schooling. Extra money was needed because of the world-wide augmentation of the food prices.  Late in 2008, more help was needed needed after a new outbreak of civil war. Rebels came even into the city of Goma, about 20 miles away from the children’s village.

The focal point of this action was to virtually travel the distance between the Netherlands and Congo: approximately 6.300 kilometers (3940 miles). Every kilometer equaled 10 euro.


Thanks to the support of many people, companies and well known Dutch television personalities and also our volunteers and the IKN team, the ultimate goal of 63.000 euro was achieved. Together with ICC Belgium, the amount of 65.221 euro was reached on December, 31st  – this amounted to 6.522 km and 100 meters.

Every month the ICC Patmos children’s village needs more than 10.000 euro for the 164 children to provide them for food, schooling, clothing en medical care.  Perhaps you’d consider supporting this very worthwhile project?


IKN Ambassadors Raised Awareness for Miles for Congo

IKN Ambassadors Raised Awareness for "Miles for Congo"

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