Your Support Helps Dayamani Care For Orphans

The impact of your gifts on behalf of the children is powerful. Hope for a better future springs up, and young lives are transformed. However, the impact of your gift would not be as far-reaching if it wasn’t for the care provided by loving house mothers like Mrs. Dayamani Nimmaka.

Dayamani is a mother of ICC children at the DEWS Sweet Home in India. She is responsible to feed and clothe the children and make sure they participate in school activities. She also strives to help develop their characters for this life and for the future life in heaven.

“My prayer is that someday the children will grow up strong and be faithful to the service of God.”

Recently, Dayamani was asked the following three questions. Her answers reveal some of the challenges she faces and what motivates her to serve the children as their house mother.

1. What challenges do you face in your work as a house parent?
As a house parent It is not an easy thing to have the children doing exactly what I want them to do all the time. When I come across some children with an attitude I get upset, but I experience the same with my own children. I like to be patient and take time to help the children understand that I am doing this for their own good. I like to talk and spend time with the child as their own parent would do on individual basis and be kind to them.

2. What is your motivation?
As a house parent it is my responsibility to keep every child on the right path so that they can achieve their goals. I feel very proud when they complete their studies with a good name and grades. I always pray for their success. The desire and motivation comes when the children consider me as their own parent; it helps me to continue my work with patience, and I feel rewarded.

3. What keeps you going and doing your best for the children?
As a house parent it is my goal to help the children develop their minds and talents and to do their best in their studies, work, play, and in their spiritual life. I want them to shine in their lives with great achievements and be a blessing in the community and in the homes. My prayer is that someday the children will grow up strong and be faithful to the service of God.

The generous support of ICC family members like you enables Dayamani to serve the children with love and compassion. Thank you!

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