Congo Update

Here is a brief update on the ICC Project in Congo.


1. Fighting in the Eastern part of Congo has been ongoing over the past few months as Rebel and Government forces continuing a long struggle for control over the region.  This has displaced many citizens and has caused hardships for our project.  At one point, there was concern that fighting would come to the island and disrupt our project.  Fortunately, this has not happened.  Overall there is still turmoil in the country.  However, there is a certain  “stable instability” now as there hasn’t been any further escalation of violence that has threatened the project.


2. Securing food for the children continue to be a challenge.  From what we understand, the director has to find much of the food supply in an area near Uganda.  Of course this is challenging because ICC doesn’t have a vehicle on the mainland to do much transporting of supplies.  A vehicle has to be rented.  Though we need to purchase our own vehicle there isn’t sufficient funds and we are concerned that if a vehicle is purchased it may be easily stolen.


3. When the fighting erupted, four of ICC’s children, who were attending school on the mainland, vanished and for a time, we were uncertain where they were.  However, they were found and have been transferred to the Patmos children’s village where it is safer.  Once challenge we have now is that the older children (soon to be six of them) need to go to secondary school in Goma (on the mainland) and we don’t really have adequate housing for them.  To find a place will cost $150 month plus salary for someone to supervise them. 


4. Repairs are needed on the boat that is used to transport goods to the island.  These repairs will cost approximately $1,000 but are only a temporary fix.


We will continue to update the blog with news from Congo as it is available.

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