Las Palmas Graduates Share their Reflections about ICC

Earlier this month, two of ICC’s children completed their university studies in the Dominican Republic and graduated.  Here are their reflections about ICC:

“ICC, through the Hogar Campestre [Las Palmas], has influenced my life in a marvelous way.  I managed to feel prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually to face the rest of my life.  I will feel eternally grateful for the professional preparation given to me  and for the Christian principles that I have adopted.  The Hogar has been a fountain for dreams and imaginings – it has been motivation for success.  Thank God, the 7th of December I will graduate with honors.  I am certain that I will continue, with God’s help, to fulfil His plan for my life.”  Name Changed to Protect Privacy

“The Hogar Campestre has significantly impacted my life.  Through this institution I have managed to acquire an integral formation (preparation), and a healthy growth, physically, socially and spiritually.  Having received the support of ICC for my development as a person is a great sign that God loves me and is interested in me and my salvation.  With my Hogar Campestre family I have learned that I can’t live just for myself – there always has to be room for others; that we don’t have to panic about the things of this life because everything will pass. It is important to value and respect the differences in others. We each have different qualitities which make us special and inique, and this is essential for the world to be dynamic and full of life.  God has a purpose and plan for each life, and I am part of God’s puzzle – nothing happens by chance.  For those whom God loves, all things work together for good, even those things in life which seem unfair to us.  I profoundly thank God for giving me the opportunity to be part of the fmaily of ICC, who prepares and forms children and young people for the heavenly kingdom.  Sincerely, with all my heart, thank-you.  May God always bless you.”  Name Changed to Protect Privacy

Fatima and Julio

Las Palmas Graduates

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