El Oasis to Receive Funds from Local Conference

We’ve received word from Mauro Reyes, director of the El Oasis children’s village in Mexico, that the local Seventh-day Adventist Conference has decided to support the children’s program there. At their annual stewardship congress, it was voted unanimously that all churches and congregations include in their budgets a percentage that will go to support the El Oasis children’s village. According to Mauro Reyes, “At the beginning we won’t see much because many churches are small and have financial problems. But it will be a small drop that will flow monthly.”

The project continues to have good relations with the government. Mauro Reyes indicated that the “DIF” or child protection agency “wants to continue giving us children…” The head of DIF for that area and other government officials visited the facility last week and were very happy with what we are doing.

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