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ICC Spaghetti Days Once More a Big Hit

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Around 117 people found their way to the ‘Spaghetti Hall’ in Mechelen, for ICC Belgium’s annual Spaghetti Fest. After the busy Spaghetti Fest of 2009, our chef, Wim Dewindt, felt through his entire body that something needed to change. He proposed to organize this year’s festivity over two days.

The hall where the event was held

The hall in Mechelen, Belgium where the spaghetti feed was held

So, this year people were able to enjoy the tasty spaghetti of Wim on Saturday evening, November 20th  and on Sunday afternoon, November 21st, and with success. For ICC Belgium’s Director, Ronny, and his team the work was better divided, less stressful and everything went very smoothly.

Folks at the spaghetti feed enjoying their food.

Patrons of the spaghetti feed enjoy their dinner

The sales table was a huge success too! Denise Luyckx, a member of the Advent church in Mechelen, provided something new to sell: beautiful glass plant coasters on wheels. Next to that she also displayed beautiful Christmas pieces. Carmen and Wim again made some beautiful handmade pieces to sell, and Francine and her friend Dirk were very busy guiding all the sales in a good way.

Items sold at the spaghetti feed

The sales table with the items that were sold at the spaghetti feed

The total profit of these spaghetti days was 1.904,00 euro, around 2.520,00 USD. Thanks to this event we have reached our goal of 10.000,00 euro for the ‘Educational Program’ at the ICC Patmos Children’s Village in Congo.

Group photo of the folks who made the spaghetti feed possible

These are the folks who made the spaghetti feed possible

[Top row; L to R] Mario Bornbergen, Jeannine Vermeulen, Wim Dewindt (Chef), Ronny Van Dessel, Carmen Hamel (wife of the chef), Francine Vandenbogaerde, Dirk, Coszack (assistant chef and brother-in-law to Ronny) and Ingrid Van Dessel (Sister of Ronny). [Middle row] Nikki and Lynn Coszack (Nieces of Ronny) and Trees Teughels in the middle. [Front row] Anja Voet and Rita Hamel (sister of Carmen Hamel).

A special thanks to those who made a success of this event. The next appointment is for 2011!

Reported by:
Adelin Vermeulen
Volunteer ICC Belgium

Thanks for reading!

Kent Greve
Director International Development ICC

Sewing Success at Las Palmas

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Recently we received this report written by María Teany Cuevas, the sewing teacher at the Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to the donation of sewing machines, 15 girls in our children’s village are taking a sewing class every Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00. They are very happy and enthusiastic with this opportunity. Despite having only a few machines, we have seen a lot of progress since these girls’ interest allows them to progress. This is an opportunity with a lot of benefit for each of these girls. We would like to present some of the objectives of this course in its first phase.

The sewing class at ICC's Las Palmas Children's Village.

The sewing class at ICC's Las Palmas Children's Village.

We hope that when we initiate the second phase we can have a small graduation where we can display the clothing items that they have made. Later we hope they can make some of the clothing for the children [in the children’s village] such as the skirts for school uniforms.

In this course we are using the Rocha Method which is easy and practical. In the first phase we are working with the following objectives:

  1. Learn the fundamentals needed for basic sewing.
  2. Design and implement a pattern for a basic skirt.
  3. Design and implement a pattern for a blouse.
  4. Design and implement a pattern for a dress.

Objectives achieved:

  1. Basic knowledge of sewing.
  2. Design and implementation of a basic skirt.
  3. Design of a blouse.
Learning to Sew

Learning to Sew

These achievements were accomplished, thanks to God, and all the students had maximum participation and showed great interest. The course was affected by a lack of electricity at times. We hope to continue in order to reach our objectives and then continue with a more advanced course.

The girls are very excited to soon be able to make their own clothes. It is really beautiful to be able to make your own.

María Teany Cuevas
Las Palmas

Thanks for reading!

Kent Greve
Director International Development ICC

God’s Providential Leading in Nicaragua

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

In the early days of ICC’s work in Nicaragua with orphan children we worked hard to find land for a children’s village. We evaluated several properties in the country and finally decided on one that seemed to be the best.

The sale was going through just fine, and we received some funding to purchase the land. We felt that God was leading, and excitement started to build at the prospects of being able to provide permanent homes for ICC children in Nicaragua.

Then, all of sudden, the process hit a snag. The sellers decided they no longer wanted to give up their land. It was difficult for the ICC family in Nicaragua to comprehend this. We sensed that God had lead to this particular piece of property. We all wondered why things were taking a different turn.

Felix Almendarez, ICC Nicaragua’s director, continued the search until another piece of land was found. Everything about it seemed to suggest that God certainly was in control. We felt that He had blessed by stopping the process of purchasing the initial property.

A photograph of ICC's land in Nicaragua

The land where our ICC Nicaragua children's village is located.

Once ICC purchased the land, work began on preparing the site for a children’s village. Felix constructed roads, the children helped plant gardens, and most recently we completed four children’s homes. In December of 2009, the children moved into their new homes with great rejoicing.

It wasn’t too long ago that God revealed once more why the present location is wonderfully situated for a children’s village. Flooding devastated much of the surrounding area when heavy rains associated with tropical storm Matthew passed through Nicaragua.

However, the property where the children’s village is located drains well and varies in elevation. The crops remained unharmed and the dairy herd didn’t suffer any loss. This was a blessing for ICC in the midst of such chaos and ruin.

Felix happened to pass by the property that ICC initially tried to purchase. The flooding that occurred at that location astounded him. Water covered much of the land. The damage would have been horrific if ICC had purchased that land and built a children’s village.

We praise God for His providential leading in the location of ICC’s children’s village in Nicaragua. Though it was difficult to fully understand His ways during the long months of waiting, it is now clearly seen that He knew what was best all along.

Thanks for reading!

Kent Greve
International Development Director ICC

Van Donated To ICC Netherlands

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

De Mijl Vastgoed BV is a Dutch company that has supported IKN (ICC Netherlands) for many years. In particular they support our home building projects in Nicaragua and the D.R. Congo. They have also provided IKN with 2,153 square feet of warehouse space at no cost.

A photo of the Toyota van donated to IKN (ICC Netherlands) in November 2010

The new Toyota van donated to IKN (ICC Netherlands)

Their latest gift to IKN is a new van. IKN really needed this new van because our original van had became old and worn. With this new van IKN can pick up clothes, toys, food and building materials which will be sent to the ICC Children villages.

A photo of the officers of IKN (ICC Netherlands) accepting the keys to their new Toyota van donated by

Magda Triantos, Dimitri Triantos (IKN's founders) and Lambro Triantos (IKN's director) accept the keys to the new van donated to IKN (ICC Netherlands) by De Mijl Vastgoed BV.

IKN deeply appreciates the wonderful support given to IKN by De Mijl Vastgoed BV.

Thanks for reading!

Lambro Triantos
Director IKN

A Tragic Loss at ICC Cambodia

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We recently received a message from Glenn Roberts, director of our partner office in Australia who shared this tragic story:

“Whenever a calamity befalls a nation where ICC is represented, we wonder how those we work with and for have fared. Most of you will have heard on the news that many people died during a human stampede in Phnom Penh during the closing day of the annual water festival.

“We were informed by Greg Allen, our Program Manager for Cambodia, who was in-country at the time, that one of the ICC sponsored university students was evidently caught up in the crowd and tragically lost his life. Pol Ang (Eang) was in his 4th year of a Civil Engineering Degree at Nor Tun University. His body was found at one of the hospitals by some of his university student friends from ICC House in Phnom Penh. This is a tragic and sad time for them all.

A photo of Pol Ang

Pol Ang 1985–2010

“Pol Ang was brought to ICC Cambodia by his grandmother after his mother died and his father abandoned him at age 5. He would have turned 25 on 2 December 2010. Life is too short even when lived out to an old age, this young man with promise, lived a life that was far too short.

“The funeral for Pol Ang was held at ICC Cambodia’s Light of Hope Children’s Village. We invite you to join with the ICC family in thoughtful prayer as we mourn the passing of this young man.”

Thank you for being a very important part of the lives of ICC’s children.

Kent Greve
International Development Director ICC