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IKN Gives Book to Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Meity and Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister

On Tuesday, April 13 IKN staff member, Meity Bodenstaff, offered the book “Child of the Crossfire” to Maxime Verhagen, minister of foreign affairs for the Netherlands.  The book, written by founder Alcyon Fleck, tells the true story of one of the 2,700+ orphan children who have been under the care of International Children’s Care (ICC).  The meeting took place in The Hague, where Mr. Verhagen also received the first copy of the book “Images of Burma,” which was written by journalist/photographer Peter de Ruiter.

The book “Child of the Crossfire” is available by contacting the ICC office at 800-422-7729 or 360-573-0429.

Cherished ICC Family Member Dies Suddenly

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Digna Ortiz López: October 16, 1957 - April 13, 2010

          It is with great sadness that we report that Digna Ortez Lopez, one of our cherished ICC family members at the Los Pinos Children’s Village, passed away on April 13 after a sudden, mysterious illness.  She fell ill a day before and the doctors were unable to determine what was causing her sickness before she died.
          Since January of 2005, Digna had been serving the chidren of Los Pinos as Sponsorship Secretary.  According to Joel Carpio, Los Pinos Director, “She was a person completely dedicated to her work and was very efficient. She was very happy for the opportunity to do this work for the children – she found her calling in life. She leaves her footprint which will be very hard to forget.”
          In a message of condolence to the ICC Family in Guatemala Rick Fleck, ICC President, wrote, “It was with much sorrow and consternation that we heard today about the unexpected death of our sister and friend Digna Ortiz. But at this moment we can do nothing other than celebrate her life of service. Digna felt the call of God to work in this precious ministry for the wellbeing of the unfortunate children of Guatemala.”
          Digna is survived by two grown children; Meryel Nerissa  and Geral Alexander.  Your prayers for them and for our staff and chidren of Los Pinos are greatly appreciated.

Project Update – ICC Nicaragua

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Here is the latest news from the ICC Fountain of Life Children’s Village in Nicaragua.

  1. The transition from the temporary orphanage to the new children’s village has been completed successfully.  The first set of house parents are doing very well.  The administrators are still looking for a second set of house parents.  Aunts are taking the place of house parents until just the right couple is found.
  2. It is a blessing for the families to be at the children’s village now.  They have been focusing on planting gardens so they will be able to supplement their food budget with things they can grow.  They were not able to do this very well when they lived a distance away.
  3. The project is blessed with an abundance of water from the well.  It is stored in the large water tank on the property.  So far there is plenty of water for crops and for household needs. Right now there is a drought and a lot of people do not have water.
  4. Some Dutch donors who have given funds for the dairy and cheese making industry stopped by the project recently to see how it was doing. They were very happy with what Felix has accomplished and wanted to help again in some way. They wanted to know what was needed the most at the project. Felix told them that he really needed a large truck for hauling material. They asked if he wanted this truck or more cows. He said the truck so they are in the process of buying him one. These donors told him that of all the projects which they support in Nicaragua, he has handled the donations the best. They continue to be excited about the project.
  5. One of the staff members is very knowledgeable in beekeeping. Felix, the project director, has been interested in raising bees and selling honey. With this worker’s expertise they were able to purchase some equipment and catch a few bees around the property to start their first hives. Another friend of Felix’s met a Canadian in Managua who has owned a honey business in Canada and when he heard about what Felix is doing he got really excited and is now planning to help him set up a honey business. He wants to send a container down to the project with supplies and equipment.

Honey Industry begins in Nicaragua

The Birth of a New ICC Organization in Belgium

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

After some consideration the board of ICC Belgium has decided to establish a separate non-profit organization in order to continue its support of ICC Romania.  This was decided after consultation with ICC Belgium’s accountant. Because Romania is not mentioned on the OESO-list of under developed countries, it would be very difficult for ICC Belgium to be able to give tax deduction receipts for their sponsors and donors. For that reason they decided to create a new nonprofit organization especially for Romania. At the end this year ICC Belgium is planning to do an application, with the help of their accountant, to be able to receive that tax deduction. The name of this new organization is, ICC for Romania vzw.

The members of the board of ICC for Romania are:

  • Ronny Van Dessel – President
  • Tommy Pootemans – Vice-President
  • Jeannine Bormans – Secretary / Treasurer

Update from the Los Pinos Children’s Village

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
Here is a collection of news items from the ICC Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala.
  1. The Receiving Center in Guatemala City is currently home to five young people who graduated from ICAP recently.  They are being sponsored by local in-country donors to attend university in Guatemala City.  This is a new development within this project, and ICC is working to establish a management plan for this initiative.
  2. The warehouse at ICC headquarters is bulging with clothing, supplies and equipment ready for transport to Los Pinos.  The plan is to load the container sometime during the third week of April.  The foundation of the first lady of Guatemala will be helping to facilitate the processing of this container so it arrives safely at the Los Pinos campus. Thank-you to all donors who have supported this initiative and please pray for “smooth sailing” until it arrives for the children. 
  3. This project is especially blessed because within the past few months another shipping container safely arrived at the children village.  That container was sent by ICC’s Dutch partner, Stichting Internationale Kinderhulp, and contained items such as chairs for the church, paint, ceramic tile, soap powder, soccer uniforms, toys and multi-vitamins.  Pictures of some of these items are posted below.
  4. Anabela continues to do a wonderful job raising awareness and funding for Los Pinos from within Guatemala.  Her efforts are helping to reduce the amount of funds that ICC partners need to send in support of the operating budget for Los Pinos.  One project of keen interest is the VISA NET program.  In this program, those individuals who have a particular VISA credit card will receive along with their statement a promotional brochure featuring Los Pinos. Included in the brochure is information detailing where they can give a donation.  We are hopeful that this can be an ongoing program once per quarter and that a significant amount of funds can be raised for the children of Los Pinos.
  5. The chicken industry on the campus of Los Pinos continues to develop.  A new flock of chickens will be arriving soon.  Two temporary chicken houses are being built.

New Chairs for Church

Soccer Uniforms

Washing Powder

School in Schoten (Antwerp – Belgium) in action for Romania

Monday, April 12th, 2010
On Monday, February 8th, Ronny Van Dessel (President ICC Belgium and ICC for Romania) and Tommy Pootemans (Vice-President of ICC for Romania and ICC Ambassador) were invited to the Sint-Cordula Institute, a school in Schoten near Antwerp, Belgium. They were asked to present a program to the 400 students of the secondary school. The 400 students were divided into groups and over a period of 6 hours they received a presentation about our ICC projects in Congo and Romania. After the presentation each group received a sponsor card from the school and a folder of ICC Belgium so they were armed to raise some money for our project in Romania during their week off from school in February.

Students of the Sint-Cordula Institute

The 6th grade class organized a 24 hour marathon lesson on March, 18th to collect funds for our project. They ended their 24 hour marathon  lesson in the morning of March, 19th with a breakfast were each visitor had to pay 5 euro. Ninety hungry people came for breakfast. At the end of the day a check of 3.664 euro  (4.900 USD) was presented to Ronny and Tommy.

Tommy and Ronny Receiving Check

Belgium Waffles for Congo

Sunday, April 11th, 2010
Tommy Pootemans, volunteer for ICC Belgium, recently sent a report about a fundraiser the ICC Belgium office conduted in support of the Patmos Children’s Village in Congo.  The plan was to sell Belgium waffles in two varieties, chocolate and vanilla.  In all a total of 375 boxes  have been sold, primarily in the areas of Mechelen and Antwerp.  The total amount raised was 1,025 Euros. 

Tommy with Boxes of Waffles

Earthquake Shakes El Oasis Project

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Lidia, ICC’s children’s services director in Mexico, sent the following report concerning the earthquake that recently occurred in Mexico.

We went through the earthquake very scared. Some of the mothers cried and screamed, and the girls were also very afraid. But, thank God, nothing happened. God took care of us and was at our side.

Yesterday we were in Ensenada with the kids at a soccer event with other orphanages from the DIF, and there were still strong aftershocks that were felt while the children were playing. But we hope that soon this will all pass. However, we are sure that the coming of our Lord is eminent and that now more than ever we should prepare for that moment. We continue praying, and thanks also for your prayers which give us peace and strength to carry on.

School Runs for Children in Romania

Monday, April 5th, 2010

On Thursday, April 1, a school called St Bernardus from Deventer, the Netherlands gave a check worth 5,879.91 Euros ($7,936) to the IKN office.  IKN director, Lambro Triantos, was pleased to recive these funds which will by used for the yearly school program at the ICC children’s village in Romania.

Lambro Receiving Check

This donation was the result of an activity initiated by a teacher named Daan.  He is the operation supervisor at the school, and he is responsible for organizing all kinds of sports activities.  He decided to create a sponsorship run for all the students of the school.  The money raised was designated to help ICC’s children in Romania. 

All 240 students participated in the run.  The average amount each child raised was $33.  The class with the smallest children even raised $40.20 per child.

 For pictures of the sponsor run click here.

The donation check was given to Lambro during the yearly easter celebrations at the school.  On behalf of ICC’s children in Romania, Lambro thanked all the children of the school and their teachers.

Daan and his girlfriend, Ilse, will be joining the IKN mission trip to Romania this summer.  They will be part of a group of volunteers who are working to develop a bakery industry at that project.