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El Oasis Spared from Flood

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Recent heavy rains in Baja California, Mexico have caused extensive damage to the the village of Valle which is where the ICC children at the El Oasis project attend school.  According to Daniel Ixcot, development director, it was a miracle that the buildings at the school are still standing.  The main entrance gate was washed away and there was heavy damage to the new wire fence.  The pump house was destroyed.

One of the main streets in Valle

It was reported that 8 inches of rain fell on the area during a four day period.  The waters flowed down the surrounding mountains and caused flash flooding.  We praise God that the El Oasis Children’s village was spared damage.  However, power was lost and has only recently been restored.  The project was without water for some time because electricity is needed to run the pumps in the well.  Also the parts of the road between El Oasis and Valle was washed away as can be seen in this picture.

It will take some time for Valle and the surrounding region to recover from this tragedy.  Many farms were totally flooded and facilities were damaged or destroyed.