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Pineapple Crop Ready for Harvest

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Here’s a recent message from Joel, our director at the Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala.

We have started our pineapple harvest.  We will have a big harvest in April, and then several small harvests during this year.  Thanks very much to the people who donated the funds for this project.

One Church – One Child

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Do you belong to a church community? If so, you could help support the life of a child by igniting interest within your circle of church friends and family to become a part of the “One Church – One Child” campaign.  This initiative is designed to inspire churches accross North America to partner with us in caring for at least one ICC child. 


Over the last couple of years ICC-USA has launched a direct mail campaign to Seventh-day Adventist churches in the United States and Canada. We also have many different denominational churches that are faithful supporters of the children’s programs.  Over 1,200 churches have contacted us for information and out of those a little over half have actually contributed money to help the children in the years that ICC has been in existence. The other half may have shown our video and encouraged individuals within their congregation to get involved. In the last two years, 257 churches or classes have actively been involved in helping; 116 of those sponsor one or more children.


Some classes send an envelope around to collect $1 to $3+ from each class member to raise funds to sponsor their child each month. Other churches have used the Kids Helping Kids mission project with their VBS program to provide meals, shoes, mattresses, and even cows. Still other churches have formed mission groups, held fundraiser dinners, car washes and other activities to help raise funds to help the children. We have some Canadian churches and donors who have been able to join with our partner, PROLASA-Canada, to help the children and receive Canadian tax-deductions. There are literally thousands of churches and millions of Christians who could help these precious children to have a family home, Christian education and learn about the Father of the fatherless.


God asks us to take care of the poor and the orphans (see James 1:27). Will you speak up for the ICC children at your church or Bible study group by showing a DVD? You might be just the person God will use to make a difference in the lives of these children because you share the information with someone else. Would you be the contact person for your church for our next mailing? Visit the Get Involved page on our website and contact us to see if your church is helping. We would love to see your church involved in the One Church-One Child Project!

Help an ICC Child Today

Help an ICC Child Today

IKN Office Offers Computer Repair Service

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

The IKN office has recently started a new activity to try to raise funds in support of ICC projects.  Next to the IKN shop and the clothing repair service, it is now also possible to come to the IKN office if your computer needs to be repaired.  Rob Nieuwhuizen is working as a volunteer and computer expert since early February. 

IKN also regularly receives 2nd hand computers. Some are intended for the children’s villages that IKN supports. Everything that remains with IKN, will be repaired and sold. All proceeds are used for transport costs of aid shipments to ICC projects.

Rob Nieuwhuizen, IKN computer repair volunteer

Rob Nieuwhuizen, IKN computer repair volunteer

ICC Romania Greenhouse Provides Winter Crops for Kids

Monday, March 9th, 2009

The ICC Romania greenhouse is thriving this winter as it produces spinach and lettuce for the children.  The greenhouse, made possible by IKN, the Dutch office of ICC, is proving to be a tremendous blessing for the project.

March Que Pasa Available Online

Friday, March 6th, 2009

ICC’s March edition of the Que Pasa is now avaialbe for viewing online.  Click on the following link to access it:

March Que Pasa

The print version will soon be arriving in mail boxes by standard post.

“Miles for Congo”

Friday, March 6th, 2009

“Miles for Congo” was the biggest action that IKN organized in 2008. This action was designed to support the children of the ICC Patmos children’s village, so that they could be provided with all the necessary basics like food, medication, clothing, care and schooling. Extra money was needed because of the world-wide augmentation of the food prices.  Late in 2008, more help was needed needed after a new outbreak of civil war. Rebels came even into the city of Goma, about 20 miles away from the children’s village.

The focal point of this action was to virtually travel the distance between the Netherlands and Congo: approximately 6.300 kilometers (3940 miles). Every kilometer equaled 10 euro.


Thanks to the support of many people, companies and well known Dutch television personalities and also our volunteers and the IKN team, the ultimate goal of 63.000 euro was achieved. Together with ICC Belgium, the amount of 65.221 euro was reached on December, 31st  – this amounted to 6.522 km and 100 meters.

Every month the ICC Patmos children’s village needs more than 10.000 euro for the 164 children to provide them for food, schooling, clothing en medical care.  Perhaps you’d consider supporting this very worthwhile project?


IKN Ambassadors Raised Awareness for Miles for Congo

IKN Ambassadors Raised Awareness for "Miles for Congo"

Romania Transport

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

On the 19th of February 2009, IKN loaded a Romanian truck with relief goods designated for the ICC project in Odobesti, Romania.  Building materials, clothes, toys, bicycles and many other things were transported 2000 km through several European countries.  Under the leadership of IKN’s most dedicated volunteer, Dimitri Triantos, the truck was loaded within 6 hours.  Dimitri was accompanied by four volunteers, an IKN board member and the IKN director.  IKN’s next shipment is scheduled for Guatemala in April/May of 2009.