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Dutch Seed Potatoes Headed for Romania

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

ADimitri with donated seed potatoes

Dimitri with donated seed potatoes

on the 16th of February, a Dutch company named HZPC from the little town of Joure, Netherlands, donated 5,000 Kilograms of seed potatoes to the ICC Dutch office, Internationale Kinderhulp (IKN). A further blessing occurred when the van Wierden transportation company delievered the potatoes free of charge.  These potatoes will be transported to the ICC children’s village in Romania where they will be planted in early March.  At the end of this summer, ICC Romania hopes to reap a bountiful harvest. Part of the harvest will go for the foodprogram and the other part will be sold.

Besides the agriculture program in Romania, construction is also underway for a commercial bakery. Throughout the projects of ICC, efforts are underway to help projects become more self-sufficient. Primarily this is being done through agriculture and small industries such as bakeries.  If you share our belief that this is important and wish to help support this inititiative, please contact the ICC office at 800-ICC-PRAY for further information.

ICC Korea Sponsor Night a Huge Success

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

On December 22, 2008 the ICC Korea chapter hosted an impressive sponsor night on the campus of Sahmyook Universty in Seuol, Korea.  In attendance where over 200 guests, many of whom are sponsoring the mission of ICC or who had come to find out more about ICC’s work.

ICC Korea Welcome Table

ICC Korea Welcome Table

ICC Korea invited business owners and enterprisers to the event.  During the opening ceremonies, 10 businesses signed MOU’s with ICC Korea promising to donate a percentage of their NET profits to ICC Korea.  This could well be the start of a very successful sponsorship program for ICC Korea as more and more businesses join in the effort to help orphaned and abandoned children.  Following is a picture of ICC Korea’s President, Dr. Cho, with one of the business owners.

The program for the evening featured two musical performances and a specail artist performance.  Artist Kwon, Young Seob is a renowned artist, not only in Korea, but also throughout the world.  While the flute ensemble, NAD, performed Kwon, Young Seob created a special painting of Dokdo Island.  Dokdo Island is a political hot potato between Korea and Japan.  Both countries claim it as their own.

Dokdo Island
Dokdo Island
Anthony Ahn, ICC Korea’s standing director, suggested to Kwon, Young Seob that “the image of Dokdo can completely delineate an ICC orphan’s situation.  Dokdo and orphans are the same.  Both are lonely and (have) feelings of alienation.”  This is of course, is the situation until they find their permanent home within an ICC children’s village where they find a sense of belonging.  Kwon, Young Seob was excited by the symolism, and as NAD played, he created a special painting of Dokdo Island.
Artist Kyun Yong Sup Creating His rendition of Dokdo Island

Artist Kwon, Young Seob Creating His rendition of Dokdo Island

Completed Painting

Completed Painting

Following the music of NAD and special artistic performance by Kwon, Young Seob, the musical group KATA gave a special performance.  KATA is a percussion group that sponsors ICC Korea.
KATA Percusssion Group

KATA Percusssion Group

The evening was capped off by a special dinner. 
ICC Korea was excited by this event and looks forward to increasing the awareness of ICC’s programs for orphaned and abandoned children.  What a huge blessing it is for the ICC family of partner offices to have ICC Korea as a growing member.  Through ICC Korea’s expanded efforts, it is hoped that more and more children can experience the love and security of home and family.

ASML Foundation Grant Supports ICC Congo

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

The following is a press release from the Netherlands…

ASML Foundation supports the ICC Patmos Children Village in Congo. The foundation based in Veldhoven (the Netherlands) donates an amount of € 7,500 to Internationale Kinderhulp Nederland(ICC the Netherlands), which raises funds for the Congolese orphans project.
One of the main spearheads of ICC is to stimulate selfsustainability. Education is very important. At the Patmos Chilcren Village in Eastern Congo is also a school where nearly 160 children go. ASML Foundation fully supports this philosophy. They decided to pay for the salary of the teachers in 2009.

ASML Foundation is an indepent organisation, but there roots are from ASML.

ASML is the world’s leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, manufacturing complex machines that are critical to the production of integrated circuits or microchips.

Lambro Triantos (left), director of ICC Netherlands, is shown in the photo below with a representative of ASML Foundation.