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A Tragic Loss at ICC Cambodia

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We recently received a message from Glenn Roberts, director of our partner office in Australia who shared this tragic story:

“Whenever a calamity befalls a nation where ICC is represented, we wonder how those we work with and for have fared. Most of you will have heard on the news that many people died during a human stampede in Phnom Penh during the closing day of the annual water festival.

“We were informed by Greg Allen, our Program Manager for Cambodia, who was in-country at the time, that one of the ICC sponsored university students was evidently caught up in the crowd and tragically lost his life. Pol Ang (Eang) was in his 4th year of a Civil Engineering Degree at Nor Tun University. His body was found at one of the hospitals by some of his university student friends from ICC House in Phnom Penh. This is a tragic and sad time for them all.

A photo of Pol Ang

Pol Ang 1985–2010

“Pol Ang was brought to ICC Cambodia by his grandmother after his mother died and his father abandoned him at age 5. He would have turned 25 on 2 December 2010. Life is too short even when lived out to an old age, this young man with promise, lived a life that was far too short.

“The funeral for Pol Ang was held at ICC Cambodia’s Light of Hope Children’s Village. We invite you to join with the ICC family in thoughtful prayer as we mourn the passing of this young man.”

Thank you for being a very important part of the lives of ICC’s children.

Kent Greve
International Development Director ICC