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School Runs for Children in Romania

Monday, April 5th, 2010

On Thursday, April 1, a school called St Bernardus from Deventer, the Netherlands gave a check worth 5,879.91 Euros ($7,936) to the IKN office.  IKN director, Lambro Triantos, was pleased to recive these funds which will by used for the yearly school program at the ICC children’s village in Romania.

Lambro Receiving Check

This donation was the result of an activity initiated by a teacher named Daan.  He is the operation supervisor at the school, and he is responsible for organizing all kinds of sports activities.  He decided to create a sponsorship run for all the students of the school.  The money raised was designated to help ICC’s children in Romania. 

All 240 students participated in the run.  The average amount each child raised was $33.  The class with the smallest children even raised $40.20 per child.

 For pictures of the sponsor run click here.

The donation check was given to Lambro during the yearly easter celebrations at the school.  On behalf of ICC’s children in Romania, Lambro thanked all the children of the school and their teachers.

Daan and his girlfriend, Ilse, will be joining the IKN mission trip to Romania this summer.  They will be part of a group of volunteers who are working to develop a bakery industry at that project.

ICC Spain – Businessman with a Heart for Kids

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Antonio Valor is a businessman who started to support ICC as a volunteer five years ago. From his home town of Zaragoza, Spain he and his volunteer group make people aware of the worldwide work of ICC.   Antonio created ICC Spain, which is a chapter of ICC International.

One of Antonio’s ideas is to raise funds and awareness at the ‘ Hucho Solidaridad’ campaign. Many Spanish people have visited ICC Spain’s booth with balloons and nice money collection boxes.

ICC Spain Promotional Booth

From March the 18th until Sunday the 22nd Antonio and his assistant, Chus, visited the ICC Netherlands office. They were hosted by Lambro Triantos, ICC’s regional development director for Europe.

Antonio, Chus and Lambro

From the Dutch ICC office, Lambro supports ICC chapters in Switzerland, Belgium, Iceland, France and Spain. For information about becoming an ICC volunteer or to start a chapter in Europe you can contact Lambro at or visit the GC conference exhibit hall in Atlanta this summer.  ICC will be in booths 554 and 556.

ICC Featured on Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Several weeks ago, ICC Founder, Alcyon Fleck, and Daniel Ixcot of ICC Mexico were interviewed by Ralph Watts at the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network.  Those programs will be aired on the network over the next two weeks. 

Here is the Pacific Standard Time viewing schedule:

Program 1

Tuesday (9th)                – 2:00 AM & 4:30 PM

Wednesday (10th)       – 1:30 PM

Thursday (11th)            – 5:30 PM

Friday (12th)                   – 10:30 AM

 Program 2

Sunday (14th)                – 9:30 PM

Tuesday (16th)              – 2:00 AM & 4:30 PM

Wednesday (17th)       – 1:30 PM

Thursday (18th)            – 5:30 PM

Friday (19th)                   – 10:30 AM

First Ambassador for ICC Belgium

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Tommy Pootemans, volunteer and Public Relations assistant for ICC Belgium and also nephew of Ann Peremans-Buelens, founder of ICC Belgium, has brought in our first Ambassador for ICC Belgium.

In the Spring of 2009, Tommy made contact with Danaë Van Oeteren, an actress and singer in the Flemish part of Belgium, to ask her if she would be prepared to take on the Ambassadorship for ICC Belgium.  Danaë met with Tommy and Ronny Van Dessel, president of ICC Belgium.  After some time of reflecting on the position and after attending our concert in Brussels in October where she saw the ICC Romanian children perform, she officially accepted the invitation to become our first Ambassador.


Danaë played some important roles in several Flemish television programs and also played an important role in a Belgian movie production. She sings and has her own music group and has also recorded an album.


ICC Belgium is very happy with the decision Danaë has made and hopes that she can become a well known face for our organization and that she can also find some other well known public figures to join ICC.

Tommy & Danaë

Danaë & Tommy

Clothing Manufacturer Supports ICC

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Recently, Lunter Textiel, a Dutch clothing manufacturer, decided to support ICC Netherlands. Lunter Textiek has created a new design of baby clothes.  This design is made from bright, cheerful colors and designs and is call Puk Design.  The first summer collection of Puk Design, made for babies from zero to eighteen months, was made entirely from organic cotton.  It will be delivered in December 2009.


Puk Design will promote ICC to its customers.  On each garment is a special hangtag that features ICC. The manufacturer will also donate clothes from its production facility in India to the ICC children’s village in India. In this way Puk Design hopes got give some color into the lives of these children.

The first child who got dressed in Puk Design clothes was the newest member of the ICC family in Congo. Lambro Triantos, Director of ICC Netherlands, was visiting the ICC Patmos children village in September. Puk Design had given him the very first sample of the new design.  According to Lambro, the baby was very happy with his new outfit.

Lambro with Baby Dressed in Puk Design

Lambro with Baby Dressed in Puk Design

ASML Foundation Supports Orphans in India

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

ASML Foundation from the Netherlands has decided to continue their support for the work of ICC in 2010. The Dutch foundation will help with the educational costs of 72 children in India.


In the ICC children’s village in India, ICC has a total of 76 children.  Seventy-two of them are going to the elementary school nearby. ICC feels it is very important that children can have a good education. It costs  $240 for one child to enjoy a year of education.


Recently ASML Foundation decided to donate for the total cost of all 72 children, a total of $17.280.  ASML Foundation also believes that it is important for children to have a good education. Just like ICC, they believe that for the long term, good education for children will help move society forward.


Lambro Triantos (left), Director of ICC Netherlands, Visits ASML Foundation

Lambro Triantos (left), Director of ICC Netherlands, Visits ASML Foundation


Romanian Children’s Choir goes to Europe

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Romanian Childrens Choir

Romanian Children's Choir


During the weekend of October 10 and 11, the ICC Romania Children’s Choir performed at concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands.  In the afternoon of October 10, the children sang in Vianen, which is close to Utrecht, the Netherlands.  In the evening they performed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.


Choir concert in Brussels

Choir concert in Brussels



The next morning the children sang at a retirement center in Huis ter Heide, again near Utrecht. In the afternoon they had another performance in Rotterdam. This last concert was for ICC Netherlands 15th year anniversary party.


Lambro Triantos, ICC Netherlands Director remarked that, “It is a great miracle to see these children singing.”  Most of the children in the choir were abandoned.  However, ICC has given them a home and a sense of security.  Now, several years later, they are making beautiful music and have performed far beyond the borders of their homeland.


ICC has been changing the lives of orphaned and abandoned children since 1978. With your support we can do even more.

Balloons in the Air for ICC

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

On Thursday, September 3, Atlas Copco, an internationally known company, sent 2000 balloons into the air. This was done to celebrate the opening of their new office building in the Netherlands. This company, with a Swedish origin, was founded 60 years ago in Zwijndrecht.  Those who attended the event included Mr. Hans Magnusson, Swedish ambassador to the Netherlands, as well as several directors of Atlas Copco.  


Simultaneously, ICC in the Netherlands (IKN) received a big promotional lift.  Mr Matthyssen, Atlas Copco Director, thought that it was important to remember the less fortunate of this world.  Since ICC is committed to children worldwide, Mr Matthyssen had the idea to tie tickets to all of the balloons. For every ticket that is returned, ICC will receive € 2.50.  With the balloon action, Atlas Copco hopes to raise € 5,000 ($7,300) for ICC.

Lambro Triantos, director of IKN, is very pleased with this gift. The total amount will be used for the food program in the ICC Patmos Children’s Village in Congo. Due to the most recent civil war, food prices rose significantly and this contribution from Atlas Copco is very much welcomed. For now, hostilities have subsided and this month Mr. Triantos will visit the ICC Patmos Children’s Village in Eastern Congo to see the project first-hand.  Atlas Copco gave him a number of additional balloons for the children.

Two Brothers Riding Their Bicycles for ICC

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

On the first of June, Tjitse and Menno Sijtsma rode their bicycles for most of the “Elfstedentocht,” to support ICC’s work for orphaned and abandoned children.  The “Elfstedentocht” is a bicycle race of 240 km (about 150 miles).  It is held in Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands.  During very cold winters, the “Elfstedentocht” was run with participants using ice skates.  But since there have not been so many cold winters recently, it’s been awhile since they have done this race on ice.

Together with 14,998 cyclists, the two brothers rode on encouraged and supplied with food and care by family members.  Besides Dutch cyclists their were also foreigners from Spain, France, England, Germany and Switzerland.  The weather was sunny and windy for the large group of participants who had to cycle against the wind for a great part of the tour.

Unfortunately, Tjitse’s bicycle ran into mechanical problems and the brothers had to stop the tour at the village of Sloten, with still 60 km (37 miles) to go.  The frustration was enormous, but they did accomplish something.  This tour raised 170 Euros.  Both brothers refuse to give up.  Next year they hope to be at the start again, to bicycle for ICC. 

Have you ever seen such a diverse group of people on bicycles dressed in many different ways?  Can you imagine cyclists doing this tour in wooden shoes?  It’s all possible.   You are welcomed next year to encourage the cyclists or consider joining them as they cycle for ICC.  For more information click

ICC Iceland Chapter at Camp Meeting

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Here is a report from ICC Iceland’s spokesperson, Thora Lilja.

Once a year the Icelandic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists holds a Camp Meeting for all it´s members. This year it was in June. With a few items that an ICC Iceland board member bought recently in Thailand to sell for ICC, Romanian porcelain and Mrs. Fleck’s books about ICC, we headed out for this event. This was the first time that we (and as far as we know other organizations) had a promotion booth at the Camp Meeting, and we were very thankful to get a positive answer from the Conference to be able to participate. 

We had the booth open two times, on Friday and Sunday for an hour (or little more). As early as on Friday most of the Thai stuff was sold out, only one book remained and some of our expensive porcelain had also been bought. People also showed interest in our sponsorship program. On Sunday God kept blessing us. He gave us two sponsors, one of which will pay 10.000 Ikr for their children per month! So this young couple will almost fully sponsor one child in Congo that had no sponsor before that. Then we sold some more porcelain and the last remaining book and Thai stuff. God is truely leading His work. Praise Him!