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ICC Iceland Chapter at Camp Meeting

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Here is a report from ICC Iceland’s spokesperson, Thora Lilja.

Once a year the Icelandic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists holds a Camp Meeting for all it´s members. This year it was in June. With a few items that an ICC Iceland board member bought recently in Thailand to sell for ICC, Romanian porcelain and Mrs. Fleck’s books about ICC, we headed out for this event. This was the first time that we (and as far as we know other organizations) had a promotion booth at the Camp Meeting, and we were very thankful to get a positive answer from the Conference to be able to participate. 

We had the booth open two times, on Friday and Sunday for an hour (or little more). As early as on Friday most of the Thai stuff was sold out, only one book remained and some of our expensive porcelain had also been bought. People also showed interest in our sponsorship program. On Sunday God kept blessing us. He gave us two sponsors, one of which will pay 10.000 Ikr for their children per month! So this young couple will almost fully sponsor one child in Congo that had no sponsor before that. Then we sold some more porcelain and the last remaining book and Thai stuff. God is truely leading His work. Praise Him!