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A Season and a Reason to Give Thanks

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

“ICC children show their gratitude for Your support by taking advantage of the opportunities that are possible because YOU give.”

This Thanksgiving season, ICC children around the world have much for which to be grateful.

Through the generosity of donors like you, they have nourishing food. They have a safe, comfortable home in which to live. They have the love and nurturing care they need. And they are able to go to school. This stands in stark contrast to their lives before arriving at an ICC children’s village.

Marieny was a little girl who needed help. Thanks to the support of donors like you, she has grown into a talented young woman who desires to serve others.

Marieny was a little girl who needed help. Thanks to the support of donors like you, she has grown into a talented young woman who desires to serve others.

Marieny Sosa is one example. After graduating from Linda Vista University in Mexico she expressed in a letter her gratitude for the support she received.

“It is a pleasure to know that people of great heart decided to help those in need, of which I am one.”

She went on to say what she planned to do with the opportunities given her. “I have good news for you. I have decided to help in God’s work. I will be working at the University and studying to become a Medical Missionary so I can do that in years to come.”

Many of the kids express their desire to be able to help others as they were helped in their darkest hour. They may have been abused. They may have lost family members.

That’s when you step in, rescue them and give them an opportunity for a new life. The older the children get, the more they realize what a blessing they have received because of the care you help to provide through your support.

This Thanksgiving season, as you recount your blessings, we hope that you consider your support of orphan children as something for which you are grateful. May God Bless you with a Happy Thanksgiving!

YOU can help the Kids have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

This year, your contribution to the Gift Fund is best made before December 1.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, you may be thinking you would like to do something for the child, or children, you sponsor. Sending actual gifts to the children is discouraged because some children could receive more gifts than others which, as you can imagine, would most likely cause hurt feelings.

There is a way for sponsors who wish to give gifts at Christmas (this also works for Birthdays). ICC has a Gift Fund for each of the children’s villages. You may donate any amount to this fund. The fund is used to purchase gifts for all the children and to provide a special Christmas meal.

This is the best solution to helping you give gifts and make beautiful memories for your child. You may, if you so choose, let your child know you have contributed to their celebration in your next letter or card.

Sending your gift by December 1st will allow us time to forward your gift to the proper children’s village in time to prepare for the holiday festivities.

You may make your contribution with a check to ICC, at our website (, or by telephone (800.422.7729).

Please be sure your contribution designates your gift is for the Gift Fund. Also tell us to which children’s village it should be credited. This will assure it reaches the proper Gift Fund.

Thank you for making these wonderful children a part of your lives. We want to wish you blessed Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

Earthquake Shakes El Oasis Project

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Lidia, ICC’s children’s services director in Mexico, sent the following report concerning the earthquake that recently occurred in Mexico.

We went through the earthquake very scared. Some of the mothers cried and screamed, and the girls were also very afraid. But, thank God, nothing happened. God took care of us and was at our side.

Yesterday we were in Ensenada with the kids at a soccer event with other orphanages from the DIF, and there were still strong aftershocks that were felt while the children were playing. But we hope that soon this will all pass. However, we are sure that the coming of our Lord is eminent and that now more than ever we should prepare for that moment. We continue praying, and thanks also for your prayers which give us peace and strength to carry on.

El Oasis Spared from Flood

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Recent heavy rains in Baja California, Mexico have caused extensive damage to the the village of Valle which is where the ICC children at the El Oasis project attend school.  According to Daniel Ixcot, development director, it was a miracle that the buildings at the school are still standing.  The main entrance gate was washed away and there was heavy damage to the new wire fence.  The pump house was destroyed.

One of the main streets in Valle

It was reported that 8 inches of rain fell on the area during a four day period.  The waters flowed down the surrounding mountains and caused flash flooding.  We praise God that the El Oasis Children’s village was spared damage.  However, power was lost and has only recently been restored.  The project was without water for some time because electricity is needed to run the pumps in the well.  Also the parts of the road between El Oasis and Valle was washed away as can be seen in this picture.

It will take some time for Valle and the surrounding region to recover from this tragedy.  Many farms were totally flooded and facilities were damaged or destroyed.

Special Need In Mexico

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Please click on the following link to read about a special need our children have in Mexico.

Click Here

El Oasis to Receive Funds from Local Conference

Friday, December 5th, 2008

We’ve received word from Mauro Reyes, director of the El Oasis children’s village in Mexico, that the local Seventh-day Adventist Conference has decided to support the children’s program there. At their annual stewardship congress, it was voted unanimously that all churches and congregations include in their budgets a percentage that will go to support the El Oasis children’s village. According to Mauro Reyes, “At the beginning we won’t see much because many churches are small and have financial problems. But it will be a small drop that will flow monthly.”

The project continues to have good relations with the government. Mauro Reyes indicated that the “DIF” or child protection agency “wants to continue giving us children…” The head of DIF for that area and other government officials visited the facility last week and were very happy with what we are doing.