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Superb ICC Concert In Gent – Belgium

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Here is a report from Carmen Hamel…

Wim Dewindt and TomTom (his GPS), brought us, Carmen Hamel (wife of Wim) and Ronny Van Dessel (president of ICC Belgium) on Tuesday, May 12, safely to the beautiful historical building of ‘t Pand in Gent.

Once everything for the sales table was unloaded, we saw that a few members of the University Choir Gent (GUK – were busy to put the stage elements in the right place to organize the podium of the concert hall where the ICC-concert was going to take place. We immediately helped out a bit to help carry these heavy burdens to the concert hall. The entire organization of this event was entirely organized by the choir itself.
We were extremely excited by the magnificent hall. Never before did ICC perform in such a great concert hall.

Afterwards we went outside for a small snack and went back to the hall where our other volunteers also arrived. Francine Vandenbogaerde was already busy stalling out our sales booth and Adelin Vermeulen had committed himself to check out the tickets at the entrance and Tommy Pootemans was prepared to sell the tickets, together with a colleague from his work.

ICC Belgiums Sales Booth

ICC Belgium's Sales Booth

After almost everything was ready, even the final rehearsal of the choir, we noticed that we forgot something very important, THE FLOWERS. Thanks to a helpful receptionist, who called almost every flower shop in Gent, we finally were able to buy 2 beautiful bouquets. Hallelujah!

Carmen and Wim went to retrieve the flowers and meanwhile the people began to arrive. The room was almost to full capacity.

On the program a large variety of music: a journey through the world, people moving to southern dance tunes, classical works of Orlandus Lassus but also of the minimalist Philip Glass.
A group of 50 wild enthusiastic university students, who rehearse twice a week, gave their best that evening under the professional guidance of the lovely and brilliant young conductor “Joris Derder”.

Choir sings to a large audience

Choir sings to a large audience

In the intermission, the audience were able to watch a presentation of our projects. After the concert 2 people gave themselves up to become a sponsor for a child in Congo. Also our sales table was a big success.

Together with the 220 visitors we have really enjoyed this impressive musical event. Those who didn’t come did clearly miss something really spectacular.


Ghent University Choir

Ghent University Choir

We are so thankful to this great choir for their entire efforts and beautiful concert, and we also are grateful to the chairman of the choir, Lieselotte Goessens. So we were therefore extremely pleased that we could give our flower bouquets to the conductor, Joris Derder, and to Lieselotte Goessens, the choir’s chairman.

In the name of the children of the ICC Patmos project in Congo, we sincerely thank all who made this concert such a big success. And we do it all for the benefit of the children!


Carmen Hamel, May 2009.

ICC Belgium Concert, Again a Success

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Here is a report regarding a special concert arranged by the ICC Belgium Chapter…

On Saturday evening, November 29th, the Children’s and Youth Choir “Konsinjoorkes” sang their lungs out, with songs brought by the Children’s Choir, the Youth Choir, the Concert Choir and the Big Choir (all together).

Although we had less inscriptions to last year, we could count on some loyal supporters, whom again were surprised by the quality of the choir.


During the intermission we could all enjoy a cold or warm drink and a small snack, as usual well presented by Carmen, Linda and Wim. And as always, Francine was standing guard at the ICC sales table.

How wonderful it is for children and youth to sing for CHILDREN and YOUTH in need!  The benefit from this concert was for the children’s village “Patmos” in Congo.





Second ICC Belgium Spaghetti Day a Big Success

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Following is report of the benefit held by the ICC Belgium Chapter.

October 5th the big day had arrived again: Spaghetti Day. Everything was prepared very nicely: publicity and invitations were sent out.

We learned from last year and made it even more cozier and pleasant. We had a lot of helpers. Young and less young joined hands to make this day a success. The room was set up very nicely and the tables looked very inviting to and for the visitors. Our kitchen wizard, Wim, had made a lot of preparations, together with the brother-in-law of our ICC-Belgium president. Wim had to rehabilitate from a knee injury, but nothing could stop him to be present in the kitchen.

We were hoping for lots of people to come, and they came. People from the neighborhood committee reserved a lot of places, and from the Netherlands a very nice delegation arrived also. They came for the second year in a row because they think that ‘Wim’s spaghetti’ is the best! A lot of visitors from last year also made publicity, and the room was quickly filled up. The spaghetti tasted very good, and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

ICC Belgium has done it again. See you all next year!

This Spaghetti Day was for the children of the ‘Patmos Children’s Village’ in Congo and ICC Belgium made a profit of 760 euro for this project.

From a very cooperative volunteer

Spaghetti Fest

Spaghetti Fest