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Romanian Children’s Choir goes to Europe

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Romanian Childrens Choir

Romanian Children's Choir


During the weekend of October 10 and 11, the ICC Romania Children’s Choir performed at concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands.  In the afternoon of October 10, the children sang in Vianen, which is close to Utrecht, the Netherlands.  In the evening they performed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.


Choir concert in Brussels

Choir concert in Brussels



The next morning the children sang at a retirement center in Huis ter Heide, again near Utrecht. In the afternoon they had another performance in Rotterdam. This last concert was for ICC Netherlands 15th year anniversary party.


Lambro Triantos, ICC Netherlands Director remarked that, “It is a great miracle to see these children singing.”  Most of the children in the choir were abandoned.  However, ICC has given them a home and a sense of security.  Now, several years later, they are making beautiful music and have performed far beyond the borders of their homeland.


ICC has been changing the lives of orphaned and abandoned children since 1978. With your support we can do even more.

ICC Partners “Prepare for the Future” in Romania

Friday, April 24th, 2009

April 17-19 were special days on the campus of ICC Romania as delegates from ICC partner offices and chapters in eight countries converged for information sharing, planning sessions and fellowship.  Particpants came from the following countries:  The Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium Switzerland, Spain, Korea and the United States of America.  

Attendees with some of ICCs children

Attendees with Some of ICC's Children

The weekend theme for this “chapter leader meeting” was “Prepare for the Future.”  Kent Greve represented the ICC corporate office and shared the latest information concerning ICC projects as well as initiatives being implemented to help communicate more effectively with partners.  Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share with one another the fundraising programs they were implmenting in support of ICC children.

Program participants were treated to a couple of mini-concerts put on by the ICC Romania children’s choir.  

ICC Romania Childrens Choir

ICC Romania Children's Choir

Children Singing

Children Singing

Click on thefollowing link to hear the children singing.

During a tour of the children’s village, participants were able to see first hand the work that has been done on the bakery project.

Bakery Under Construction

Bakery Under Construction

Once completed, this bakery will be capable of earning enough profit to contribute a signfincant amount towards the operating needs of the children’s village.  More funds are needed, and if you’d like to make a donation for this cause, click on the following link and make your donation online.

One afternoon the particpants were invited to attend a special picnic with the children.  Afterward, a group gathered in the gazabo to enjoy singing songs together.  This was one of the special hightlights from the weekend.


Group Picnic

Group Picnic


Singing in the Gazebo

Singing in the Gazebo

Many fond memories were made during the time the ICC partners spent together in Romania.  A big thank-you goes to the administration and staff of the project who made everyone feel so very welcome.  

The next chapter leader meeting is scheduled for 2011.  Antonio Valor, chapter leader from ICC Spain, has graciously accepted the role of host for that event.

Romania Transport

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

On the 19th of February 2009, IKN loaded a Romanian truck with relief goods designated for the ICC project in Odobesti, Romania.  Building materials, clothes, toys, bicycles and many other things were transported 2000 km through several European countries.  Under the leadership of IKN’s most dedicated volunteer, Dimitri Triantos, the truck was loaded within 6 hours.  Dimitri was accompanied by four volunteers, an IKN board member and the IKN director.  IKN’s next shipment is scheduled for Guatemala in April/May of 2009.

Dutch Seed Potatoes Headed for Romania

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

ADimitri with donated seed potatoes

Dimitri with donated seed potatoes

on the 16th of February, a Dutch company named HZPC from the little town of Joure, Netherlands, donated 5,000 Kilograms of seed potatoes to the ICC Dutch office, Internationale Kinderhulp (IKN). A further blessing occurred when the van Wierden transportation company delievered the potatoes free of charge.  These potatoes will be transported to the ICC children’s village in Romania where they will be planted in early March.  At the end of this summer, ICC Romania hopes to reap a bountiful harvest. Part of the harvest will go for the foodprogram and the other part will be sold.

Besides the agriculture program in Romania, construction is also underway for a commercial bakery. Throughout the projects of ICC, efforts are underway to help projects become more self-sufficient. Primarily this is being done through agriculture and small industries such as bakeries.  If you share our belief that this is important and wish to help support this inititiative, please contact the ICC office at 800-ICC-PRAY for further information.

ICC Romania’s Bakery Taking Shape

Monday, November 10th, 2008

We recently received photos of the ICC Romania bakery which is expected to be completed sometime in the spring or summer of 2009.  Once completed, the bakery, which is being built according to European Union Standards, will begin producing various products which will be used by the children and also to supplement the monthly operating budget of the children’s village.  The administration at the project feel that in time this could be a signficant source of funds for the project, especially if it as able to operate two or three shifts. 

The ICC partner office in the Netherlands has spearheaded the funding for this project whch will cost in excess of 200,000 Euros once completed.  Donations are still needed and if you’re interested in helping please contact the ICC US office for additional details.

Here are some of the latest pictures…