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Nicaragua Project Aids Devastated Community

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

One of the benefits of using the family model in caring for the children in our program is so the children may learn by example. Watching their parents and our project administrators participate in the local community as involved citizens is a powerful way to teach the children to become responsible citizens themselves.

On Friday, September 24th, 2010, tropical storm Matthew blew in from the Caribbean to make landfall on the eastern coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua headed for Belize and Guatemala.

Satellite Image of Tropical Storm Matthew

Tropical Storm Matthew approaches the eastern coasts of Nicaragua and Honduras. The Yucatan peninsula of Mexico can be seen in the upper left of the photo.

The slow-moving storm spent the weekend delivering torrential rains, flooding and mudslides to Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Southern Mexico. Bridges collapsed and roads were washed away. Some towns were buried in mudslides. In Nicaragua alone 65 people were reported to have lost their lives.

Thankfully neither the Fuente de Vida Children’s Village in Nicaragua, our Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala nor the Escuela Adventista Children’s Village in El Salvador were adversely effected by the storm.

Sadly many people in the region surrounding the Fuente de Vida Children’s Village were not so fortunate. 25 miles of roads were impacted by wash-outs and water wells were fouled leaving many of the poorest people of the area isolated without food, drinking water or communication. Nicaragua’s national economy has also been effected because the region around Fuente de Vida is the main producer of peanuts, shrimp and cattle products in Nicaragua.

Over the past couple of weeks, Félix Almendarez, our administrator in Nicaragua, has responded to this disaster by taking what milk, drinking water, food and household items the families at Fuente de Vida could spare.

One of the cows from the ICC Nicaragua project.

One of our cows from our farm at the Fuente de Vida Children's Village in Nicaragua.

Félix has been transporting water to the effected families by using our tractor to haul a tank of clean water. He has also given what food we could spare from our crops and milk from our cows. It is this kind of selfless response to neighbors in need that we want the children to see and from which we hope they will learn to adopt the same values.

The Farm Tractor From the Fuente de Vida Children's Village

The farm tractor from the Fuente de Vida Children's Village that Félix has been using to haul water to the effected refugees of Tropical Storm Matthew.

Still more is needed. The mayor of the department of Chinendega has asked Félix if he, and by extension the ICC family, could help provide further basic food items for the displaced families. You can help us and Félix purchase sorely needed staple foods such as rice, beans, oil and sugar. All that is needed is $300–$400. Please consider giving even a small donation to aid these families.

Thanks for reading!

Ken Wilson
Media Director ICC

A Story about some Good Friends from Holland

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Here’s a personal message from Félix, our project administrator in Nicaragua.

Back in about 1996, when Angelica and I had a small vegetarian restaurant, we met Dr. Gert Brillenburg from Holland who supported several social projects in the department of Chinandega in Nicaragua. One of those projects was for people with problems with hypertension and diabetes. He asked my wife Angelica to help him by giving some talks on vegetarian cooking and nutrition to people attending his program. Until October of 1998 Angelica helped with that program, but because of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 we got involved in rescuing and helping the people affected by that disaster, and our lives took an unforeseen turn. We had to close our business, and we ended up taking care of the orphan children from Hurricane Mitch in a program that was created with the support of many friends and which is operated by International Children’s Care (ICC) here in Nicaragua in the department of Chinandega and which we now know as Fountain of Life Family Home.

From the start Dr. Brillenburg was one of the people who really believed in this project and has enthusiastically supported it all this time. But not only that, he also invited a couple who are friends of his, Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer, to support this project as well. And this has resulted in a great blessing for our children’s village, not only because of their great financial support, but also because of the energy and strength that they give us with their words of encouragement, their trust and their friendship both by letters and by a couple of visits they have made – the last one being in April of this year, 2010.

Nico Hooijmaaijer and Dr. Gert Brillenburg

Nico Hooijmaaijer and Dr. Gert Brillenburg

In the past when we built the previous orphanage building, these three Dutch friends helped us with different needs. For example, they provided part of the outside wall of our complex, the garden, and the floor in certain areas. With our new children’s village, they have given for the construction of the dairy building, two cows with calves. And recently Nico and Corry donated a new 4.5 ton truck. A few weeks ago Dr. Brillenburg let us know that he and his wife sent us some money for more cows. They want us to very soon have a functioning dairy.

Truck Donated To ICC Nicaragua By Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer

Truck Donated to ICC Nicaragua by Nico and Corry Hooijmaaijer

During all these years God has blessed us with many special people like these Dutch people that they could get to know about this project, and he has placed in their hearts the desire to help. This spirit of unconditional love, expecting nothing in return, inspires us and gives us new strength to continue on.

Thanks for allowing us to tell you this story, although it is in simple and short words, about how God has blessed this work through these wonderful people.

Félix Almendarez
ICC Nicaragua Administrator

Project Update – ICC Nicaragua

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Here is the latest news from the ICC Fountain of Life Children’s Village in Nicaragua.

  1. The transition from the temporary orphanage to the new children’s village has been completed successfully.  The first set of house parents are doing very well.  The administrators are still looking for a second set of house parents.  Aunts are taking the place of house parents until just the right couple is found.
  2. It is a blessing for the families to be at the children’s village now.  They have been focusing on planting gardens so they will be able to supplement their food budget with things they can grow.  They were not able to do this very well when they lived a distance away.
  3. The project is blessed with an abundance of water from the well.  It is stored in the large water tank on the property.  So far there is plenty of water for crops and for household needs. Right now there is a drought and a lot of people do not have water.
  4. Some Dutch donors who have given funds for the dairy and cheese making industry stopped by the project recently to see how it was doing. They were very happy with what Felix has accomplished and wanted to help again in some way. They wanted to know what was needed the most at the project. Felix told them that he really needed a large truck for hauling material. They asked if he wanted this truck or more cows. He said the truck so they are in the process of buying him one. These donors told him that of all the projects which they support in Nicaragua, he has handled the donations the best. They continue to be excited about the project.
  5. One of the staff members is very knowledgeable in beekeeping. Felix, the project director, has been interested in raising bees and selling honey. With this worker’s expertise they were able to purchase some equipment and catch a few bees around the property to start their first hives. Another friend of Felix’s met a Canadian in Managua who has owned a honey business in Canada and when he heard about what Felix is doing he got really excited and is now planning to help him set up a honey business. He wants to send a container down to the project with supplies and equipment.

Honey Industry begins in Nicaragua

Fountain of Life Update – Nicaragua

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

The transition from the temporary orphan care center in Nicaragua to ICC’s new Fountain of Life children’s villlage has gone very well.  The firs set of house parents adjusting well and it is such a blessing for the children to finally be at their permanent home. 

One of the primary areas of focus has been to plant gardens in order to supplement food budgets.  The project is blessed with an abundant supply of water that can be used for personal use as well as gardening.  Here are some pictures of the recent harvest.

Chidren and House Father Harvesting Vegetables

Watermelon Harvest

ICC Children’s Village Opens in Nicaragua

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
New Entry Gate
New Entry Gate

This has been a very special Christmas for the children at ICC’s Fountain of Life Children’s Village in Nicaragua.  After a decade of waiting for a permanent home, ICC’s children in Nicaragua now have a beautiful campus and beautiful homes in which to live.  Rick and Sharon Fleck were able to attend the official inauguration and share in the Christmas festivities which included a piñata.


In 1998, Hurricane Mitch brought death and destruction to this country in Central America.  Many children became orphaned.  Felix Almendarez, a Seventh-day Adventist Businessman, and his wife took on the care of about 30 orphans.  Since then, the children have lived in a dormitory setting.  Now the children have real family homes to call their own.


On the new campus, there are four children’s homes.  There is plenty of land for further development including more children’s homes, a church, a school and industry.


Congratulations go to ICC’s children and staff in Nicaragua.  Welcome to your new homes!


Childrens Homes
Children’s Homes
Children at the Inauguration
Children at the Inauguration
ICC Child in Nicaragua

ICC Child in Nicaragua

ICC President, Rick Fleck, Speaking at Inauguration

ICC President, Rick Fleck, Speaking at Inauguration

Fun with a Piñata

Fun with a Piñata

Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed in Accident

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Here is an urgent message and appeal from the ICC director in Nicaragua…

“With sadness, embarrassment, but also thanking God, I have to tell you that last Friday we had an accident with the tractor. They were hauling some post in the highest part of the property, and when they were getting the last ones the driver got down from the tractor to help to get them, and the emergency brake apparently came loose and the tractor started moving. When they saw it they ran to try to stop it, but they couldn’t catch up to it. It took a strange turn and went down a steep hill and crashed and was pretty much destroyed. Thank God nothing happened to any of the workers – that would have been a big problem right now. When they called to tell me, the first thing I asked was how was the driver, and it was a big relief to hear that he was fine. Today I had to borrow the neighbor’s tractor to haul the water, so as not to delay the construction…

I’m sorry to have to send you this email, but although I have looked at this from every angle, the urgency of the situation is that we need the tractor to haul materials, water, fence posts, and now the winter is starting when we need to prepare the fields for planting.”

Because the tractor is vital to the work at the children’s village, ICC is in need of finding funds to replace the destroyed tractor as quickly as possible.  Would you like to help in this urgent situation?  If so, please make a donation at the ICC website.  Thank-you very much.

Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed

Nicaragua Tractor Destroyed

Progress Being Made on 4th House in Nicaragua

Friday, November 7th, 2008

This just came today from the ICC project director in Nicaragua…

“House #4 is advancing and they are putting in the intermediate beams, and at the end of this month they will be finishing the walls up to where they can put on the roof.

They already started building the roof structure this week so they will be ready for when the walls are done. This house is going more quickly than the others, with God’s help.


Thanks for your support and trust”