Our History

In 1976 a terrible earthquake devastated much of Guatemala City. Thousands died, and many children were left homeless. Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Mission in Guatemala quickly went into action.

Elder Robert Folkenberg, President of the Adventist work in Central America, contacted Kenneth and Alcyon Fleck. The Flecks had spent many years serving in Central America, and Alcyon had long expressed a desire to find a way to help the many orphan children in those countries.

Elder Folkenberg told the Flecks that some start-up money for orphan relief had just been pledged from La Liga, a Christian group of volunteer physicians from Southern California. Would the Flecks be interested in starting an orphanage in Guatemala?

After giving the matter a lot of prayer, Ken and Alcyon decided to visit Guatemala and evaluate the possibilities. "There were so many starving, lonely children," says Alcyon. "I just couldn't leave them all there with no hope for the future."

They returned to their home in Oregon determined to do what they could, by the grace of God, for these children. Other Christian friends rallied with the Flecks and pledged to support a program to care for orphans.

Meanwhile, the Adventist church granted Pastor Fleck early retirement. The Flecks then dedicated themselves to helping orphaned and abandoned children on a completely volunteer basis.

In 1978, International Children's Care was founded as the administrative link between the volunteers in America and the orphan children. The ICC board of trustees asked the Flecks to administrate the new charity.

From the start, Alcyon was determined that the orphans should receive a lot of love and individual attention. So when the first orphanage was started in Guatemala, ten cottages were built to house the children. Christian house parents were brought in for each cottage, so that each home became a family unit with 10-12 children and a national mother and father.

The children thrived in this loving environment, and in 1982 another Children's Country Village was started in the Dominican Republic. Alcyon believes that every child needs the security of a home. The Children's Country Villages provide an environment very near to a natural home. Also, many of the children have been placed for adoption in Christian homes.

The many people who give of their time, talent and money, through ICC, are helping hundreds of desperately needy children.

Requests for Country Home development are coming in from around the world.