Missions for Kids: Help Feed an Orphan

International Children’s Care is on a mission to purchase dairy cows that will bless orphan children in the Dominican Republic. One milk cow produces enough milk to pay for the food for an orphan child, day after day. Wow! A thriving dairy will help to put nourishing food on the table for orphans.

To help ICC grow the dairy herd, classrooms are invited to join in this mission project to fundraise the cost of one cow. When cows are purchased, they are pregnant or with a calf. This makes the net cost of one cow $750. Participating classrooms will receive a unit packet with mission-minded lesson plans, fundraising ideas, and more. Classes that raise $100 in the first month will be sent a 5-foot tall cardboard cow for their classroom!

It's easy to sign up!

  1. 1. Click this link, or text “Cow” to 71777
  2. 2. Click "Sign Up My Classroom"
  3. 3. Complete the registration form
  4. 4. Follow the next steps to create a "Team" for your classroom

Whether your classroom is small or large, you can make a daily difference in the lives of orphans when you support or participate in these “Missions for Kids.”

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