Container 2019 —
The Las Palmas Children’s Village

You can provide a real blessing to the children and families living at the Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic.

We have a warehouse of supplies ready and waiting to be shipped by container to Las Palmas.

We need your help to assure those supplies are delivered.

And, this container is scheduled to be shipped to Las Palmas during the last week of February 2019!

You can help the kids in two ways —

First; make a special donation to help cover the costs of shipping this container to Las Palmas.

Second; provide a physical gift of an item — or items — the children need.

Make your special donation (designated ‘Container’) with a secure, online donation, or contact Doug Congleton at 800.422.7729.

To provide tangible goods, download the PDF file which contains the current list of items needed.

Download The List     Donate Today!