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Dear Friend of the Children,

Family is something for which our ICC children are very grateful. Many of them never really knew the warmth of a loving family until — thanks to you! — they arrived at an ICC children’s village.

I hate to say this, but summer months are a huge challenge for our families in the children’s villages. All the needs of the children must be met — but our donations have really dropped off this summer.

We estimate that by summer’s end we will likely have a shortfall of about $80,000. That is if the current trend continues. We urgently need donors like you to send in an extra gift right now. Perhaps an extra $25, $50, or even $100 is something you could provide to help the children make it through these tough summer months? August is going to be especially tight.

I’ll share more about our need at the end of this letter, but first let me give you an update on how your past support has transformed lives of orphan children in Latin America where I’ve visited recently.

El Salvador — Hogar Escuela Adventista (HEA)

In the country of El Salvador, your support is having an impact on the lives of the older children. You help to make it possible for kids like Abel, Miriam, and Daniel to pursue a university education. You would be pleased to know that these kids are getting good grades and are doing well. They are taking full advantage of this opportunity that you are providing them. And they are grateful.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homeworkAnita is one of our older girls from El Salvador. She recently completed a degree in nutrition at Linda Vista, an Adventist University in Mexico.

Anita and her three siblings were brought to HEA by the police when she was only two years old. The children’s mother had complex problems of her own and couldn’t provide the care the children needed.

At HEA, Anita found a safe haven and flourished in the loving care she received. When you consider the transformation that you made possible in Anita’s life from when she was a little girl, you can see the impact of your support. Thank you for what you’ve done for Anita and other children like her.

Nicaragua — Fuente de Vida

It was ICC supporters like you who made it possible to purchase land for the Fuente de Vida children’s village in Nicaragua. Fuente de Vida means “Fountain of Life.” We didn’t realize at the time that the property would have a literal fountain of life flowing beneath the surface. The children are very blessed to have a home on this property, and we’re certain God had his hand in this.

The lack of rain in Nicaragua has caused drought conditions in the areas surrounding Fuente de Vida. Many people are suffering from a lack of water. But God has provided a wonderful well or “fountain of life” for the water needs of our children plus many neighbors in the community.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homeworkDuring my visit it was wonderful to see how the children share their water with others.

Water is drawn from the well and placed in a large holding tank on a wagon. The wagon is pulled by tractor into the surrounding area where it provides for those neighbors who are desperate for a drink of pure water.

Because we have this excellent source of water, we are also able to provide for the needs of the dairy herd which in turn helps the cows to produce adequate milk for the children. The extra is sold in the community and provides income that multiplies the power of your gifts. On Sabbath, the milk is donated to the hospital for woman and children.

What a blessing water is to this project and they are quick to pass the blessing on to others. Thank-you for helping to provide such a wonderful place for them to call home!

Dominican Republic — Las Palmas

Because of your support new children have recently been accepted into the ICC family at the Las Palmas children’s village in the Dominican Republic. I wish you could be on the campus of one of our children’s villages to see what it’s like when new children arrive!

You may be interested in knowing more about the special process involved in welcoming new children. First of all, they are brought to the children’s home where they meet their new Mom, Dad, and siblings. They are greeted warmly and taken in and loved. They are given new clothes and are bathed. If they need medical attention or treatment they receive that.

Many of the children are hungry when they first arrive and they receive food. This gives them assurance that their needs will be meet in their new home. The welcoming is not complete until the entire children’s village has the opportunity to participate in a special dedication service for the children and their new parents.

During the children’s first weekend, at one of the village worship services, they are called to the front along with their house parents. They are introduced to the rest of the children’s village family and greeted warmly. There is a special dedication prayer for the children and the parents. This service helps the new children realize that they are part of a larger community who also loves and cares for them.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homework Last month in the Que Pasa you read about the three siblings, Tomas, Diego and Renata, who recently came to live with us at Las Palmas. The last time I heard these children are all doing very well. Thanks to you, these children can now grow and develop within a safe and loving home.

In time they will be introduced to caring people like you who will come along side of them and provide financial support through monthly sponsorship. This is extremely important to them. It adds to their sense of security to know that people who live a long way from them are supporting them and praying for them. The role you play in making the children feel secure is extremely important. Thanks for all you do to make them feel loved and accepted.

Guatemala — Los Pinos

If you were to visit the Los Pinos children’s village I think you would be impressed by the various agriculture initiatives and industries on the campus. They are working hard to provide some of the income they need for their expenses.

A thriving chicken house provides eggs for the needs of the children. The extra eggs are sold in the village. We’re hoping to expand the dairy in the near future, again to provide for the needs of the children and have some extra for generating income.

The Los Pinos children’s village has also taken in several new children, thanks to the support you’ve given. In order to better accommodate these children, we’ve been making some much needed repairs to a few of the homes. This includes such things as installing new floors and windows and repairing bathrooms.

You may not realize it, but bringing in new children has a vitalizing effect on the entire project, much as it does within our own family. Having new children spreads an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm around the campus.

some of the kids from Sweet Home doing their homeworkIn June, we shared with you the story of little Anselmo, one of the newest children at the Los Pinos children’s village. I had the opportunity to meet him recently.

He really stood out as a special kid. He always had a smile on his face, was very sweet and affectionate to all of us.

I could see that he was adapting very well there and seemed to be very happy and comfortable with his new family. He came over to me many times and hugged me with a big smile.

When Anselmo arrived he had a lot of bruises, but, in spite of that, he is not aggressive. In his house he protects the little kids, even though he is also a little kid himself.

It’s wonderful to see how quickly kids like Anselmo adapt and begin to enjoy their new family. Kids who never knew what a real family was like now experience for the first time the joy and security it brings. Their contentment and happiness is made possible because you help provide for their care! Thank you for blessing them.

You have blessed the children, but as I said earlier I have an urgent need to share with you. It’s something that weighs heavy on my heart. We don’t have sufficient funds to meet the needs of the children this summer. Donations have been lower than expected, and we estimate the shortfall will be about $80,000 by the end of this month.

As you might imagine, we struggle knowing how to spread out the funds we do have to effectively care for all the children, young and old, who need help. But you can help! And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

Will you please send a special gift to erase the shortfall? Would you please send an extra $25, $50 or even $100 before the end of August to help the children? This will help to ensure their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, medical and loving care are provided.

Thank you for all the help you can send. You will continue to provide a life-changing impact for each child! Please, can you send your gift today?

In His service,


P.S. There’s never been a better time to send in a gift to help the children. You’ll help erase the shortfall, and right now 100% of your gift goes directly to help children. Generous members of our community have covered all of our overhead expenses. That means every cent of your gift of $25, $50 or even $100 goes right to help the kids. Please send a gift today!

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