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Four Who Persevered

Chart showing current amount of donations to the matching fundThis past November, four children from the Hogar Escuela Adventist (HEA) Children’s Village in El Salvador graduated from the twelfth grade (High School) There were three girls and one boy.

According to Jesús Flaminco, HEA director, This graduation he felt was one of the most well-organized. Some the children’s sponsors were able to attend. The children each had either a house parent, sponsor or someone else on the HEA campus there to support them.

All four of the HEA children received awards for “perseverance.” This was because each of them went from kindergarten through the twelfth grade at the school. That was a special experience and shows what an important impact sponsors have had on these children through all the years.

As a normal part of the program at HEA, the children work a couple of hours during most days. However, the children who are graduating were asked to do some extra work in order to help pay for the extra expenses related to the special program. They put in these hours on Sunday.

Together with Jairo, the HEA accountant, they kept careful record. Then, when it was time to buy things for graduation like shoes and special clothes, Jairo told them how many hours they had worked and what their budget would be. In a small way, this approach helped the children learn to become responsible for their own needs.

It is wonderful to see the accomplishment of these children and to know that sponsors and supporters like you have made a tremendous difference in their lives.

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