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They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Closet

Chart showing current amount of donations to the matching fund When was the last time you heard a child make one of these statements? “My shoes are hurting my toes!” or “Look, my shoe is coming apart!” Having shoes that feel good is something to which every person can relate.

Many of the children who come to ICC arrive with no shoes or very worn shoes. At ICC children’s villages, we commonly recycle shoes from child to child until they wear out. The Spartanburg SDA Church’s Earliteen Class (see photo) recently collected many pairs of shoes for the ICC kids. This class knew how expensive shoes can be.

For example, a pair of shoes of good quality costs about $20 in most of the countries where our children live. Imagine having to replace one pair of shoes a year in a family of hundreds of children!

In the ICC family, it would cost thousands of dollars just to buy each child one pair of tennis shoes. This year, people, schools, churches or groups can really help these children by providing new shoes for them.

Jesus has a very soft heart for orphaned and abandoned children. He wants us to be His hands and feet, to go to these little ones and lift them up. There are many ways in which you can get involved, but that is what you must do—get involved.

You really can make a difference in the life of an orphaned child. One of our goals is to help these children by filling as many boxes with shoes as we can during this calendar year.

You can create a “Collection Site” at your school or church. Just bring new or slightly used shoes, ranging in sizes for children ages 2–18 years old. Tie the laces together, and write the size of the shoes on the soles with a Sharpie.

Once you have your shoes collected, you can send them to ICC or, where possible, directly to one of the children’s villages

For any questions, please call our development department at (360) 573-0429. The children thank you so much! ICC is run solely on donations, and yours are definitely needed!

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