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ICC Mexico Captures The Sun

photo of solar arrayOne of the first meetings came at a major off-road race in Baja, Mexico. Doug Congleton, ICC’s executive director and Daniel Ixcot, ICC’s development director for Mexico, were representing ICC at this race with an informational booth. Doug and Daniel were approached by representatives of Trina Solar, an international manufacturer and installer of solar power systems.

Trina Solar’s representatives were at the race as Trina Solar sponsors several motor sport racing teams. They sponsor teams in Formula One, IndyCar and AMLS which includes the AMLS team owned by actor/driver Patrick Dempsey.

At the time Trina Solar met with Doug and Daniel they were investigating a number of small charities with which they could partner as part of a solar power program benefitting charities for which Patrick Dempsey would be the spokesperson. They looked at multiple organizations and chose ICC.

As part of this collaboration Trina Solar wished to produce an infomercial* hosted by Patrick Dempsey showing how their solar products are benefitting the world. In exchange for permission to film at El Oasis, Trina Solar agreed to install a solar power system for one of the homes.

While discussing the implantation of this solar system with Daniel Ixcot, Trina Solar came to understand that providing solar power to a single home, while certainly beneficial, was insufficient for aiding the entire campus. So Trina Solar has now decided to build on our El Oasis campus a complete ‘solar farm’.

When finished this solar array will be a complete power generating station for the entire El Oasis campus. Installed with this solar farm will be a reverse-running electrical meter that will feed excess electricity back to the power grid when the power demand at El Oasis does not exceed the output of the solar farm. This means that El Oasis will be nearly self-sufficient in its needs for electrical power.

This is a major gift for our El Oasis Children’s Village. This solar farm represents a donation value of at least $60,000. We here at ICC cannot express enough our gratitude to Trina Solar for their contribution to the children of El Oasis.

*If you would like to know more about Trina Solar and their involvement with El Oasis, you can see the video Trina Solar produced about El Oasis on YouTube. Use the following link —

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