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ICC Congo—Project Update

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The Lord is blessing and protecting ICC’s children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to a recent update from Sharon Fleck, ICC’s director of children’s services, the children are doing well— everyone is healthy. The recent fighting in the country has not spread to the Island of Idjwi where our children are located. While Idjwi is safe, the interior of East Congo and the rural areas are not. Things are starting to move again in Goma, but it is not possible at this time for ICC personnel to visit.

School has started for the children. Our project director, Desire, has been working on getting the Patmos school accredited with the SDA church. The SDA Educational Superintendent for Congo came from Kinshasa, the capital, to visit our school. They are moving forward now with submitting the request to the Union Committee for their approval. Included are some photos of the superintendent’s visit to our school.

SDA Educational Superintendent for Congo

The SDA Educational Superintendent for Congo visits ICC Congo's Patmos Children's Village from the DR Congo capital, Kinshasa.

The project recently hired a psychologist. This has been a real need at this project, and even though it will mean an increase in the project’s budget, it will be a blessing to have someone to help in this area.

Construction on house #9 is continuing as can be seen in the pictures. After this house and the school are built the project is in desperate need of staff housing.

Construction of new children's home at International Children's Care's Patmos Children's Village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Construction of House Nine continues at the Patmos Children's Village

A group of ASI people with a “Share Him” evangelistic group came to visit the project. One of the group members was a sponsor of one of the girls. She promised a cow for the project. The visitors were all excited about the program and went away wanting to get more sponsors. The children sang for them and put on a program.

Children from the Patmos Children's Village in the DR Congo sing for visitors from the ASI "Share Him" group

A choir comprised of Patmos children sings for the visiting SDA Educational Superintendent for Congo

We are working on a bio-gas project to replace the burning of wood/charcoal for cooking. An engineer has come out and they are giving us their recommendations for it.

We’ll See You at GC!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Are you going to the SDA General Conference session next week in Atlanta? If you are it will be your opportunity to acquire a fine delectable that can only be obtained at the ICC booth. I am speaking of the amazing Stroopwafels (Stroopkoeken in Dutch) from The Netherlands. I’ve enjoyed these wonderful treats on several occasions and I can tell you that they will not last. I’ve traveled the world and been privileged to enjoy some tasty ethnic cuisine but nothing is quite like the Stroopwafels.

A delicious picture of stroopwafels


These confectionery concoctions were provided for us by a Dutch baker to aid ICC in raising money for ICC’s worldwide ministry that is creating families for orphaned and vulnerable children. Each package of Stroopwafels will cost $5. You’ll be able to purchase these mouth-watering, delightful delectables at booth number 554 with all proceeds supporting ICC’s children.

Once you’ve got your Stroopwafels be sure to take the chance to view the many other distinctive items collected from the countries in which ICC has projects. The Mexican tops which were very popular five years ago in St. Louis will again be at our booth. Just remember, these tops sold out in two days.

You will also find hand-made decorative clay pottery from Nicaragua and Guatemala. The story of the Nicaraguan family who creates these distinctive, singular pieces of folk art and how they’re supporting ICC is quite fascinating. Wood carvings from India will also be available. Remember, the proceeds from the sale of these items directly support our children.

While you’re at our ICC booth be sure to spend some time talking with those of our staff members manning the booths. This will be your opportunity to talk personally with many of the people who make this ministry what it is.

We look forward to seeing and talking with you at the General Conference session. You’ll be able to find us at booths 554 and 556. See you there!

Thanks for reading.

Ken Wilson
Media Director ICC